• All Auto Electrical Lighting including HID, LED.
  • Electrical 240v and 415v as well as electrical white goodsPicCollage
  • Filtration system filters for all types of machinery
  • Specialised Tooling; High end tooling, SP tools
  • Cleaning system; e.g. parts cleaner, High pressure system configurable for mobile application.
  • Hydraulic systems, Hydraulic Tooling.
  • Dispensing system Flomax, Lincoln, JSG, McNaught, Alemlube, Tecalemit.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • All Automotive components
  • Dragline and shovel brake systems.
  • Environmental control systems; spill pads, etc.
  • Lubrication all Fuchs oils and grease
  • General consumable products; cleaning, CRC & Molytec.
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